Randy Fake Apostles – Fatoyinbo now Suleiman ?  – Bullet Proof “god”  & Stephanie  Otobo Halima Abubakar is Back ! Where is Apostles Wife ?
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Randy Fake Apostles – Fatoyinbo now Suleiman ? – Bullet Proof “god” & Stephanie Otobo Halima Abubakar is Back ! Where is Apostles Wife ?

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Is Apostle suleiman married?
Lizzy Johnson Suleman

What is the net worth of Apostle Suleman?
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about $10.5m
With a networth of about $10.5m, Apostle Suleman is ranked as one of the richest pastors in Nigeria.22 Oct 2022

Who is Stephanie Otobo?
As Mr. Festus Keyamo, SAN, lawyer to Stephanie Otobo, the Canada-based night club stripper and musician, has sought to withdraw as counsel in the Otobo vs Apostle Suleman’s sex case. Recall that Otobo had alleged that Apostle Johnson Suleman, president and founder of Auchi,

Who is Apostle Suleman mentor?
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Apostle Johnson Suleman meets his Father and Mentor, Papa E.A. Adeboye (Daddy GO).

I am here trying to understand why Halima Abubakar granted that interview. Did she do so because she needed to confess her sins and be free or to spite her ex lover who has obviously moved on without an iota of care? What exactly did she have in mind while sitting in front of the camera to spew as much nonsense as she did?
I am not saying she didn’t date Suleiman. That one na their business. We all know that everything that has a begining has an end. The said relationship ended and I would expect both parties involved to move on without making a mess of the 6years she claimed they spent together.
While she enjoyed her relationship with him, she discussed all Manner of things with him. She seemed to have been into him to the extent that everything he presented to her were accepted. She didn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that he was financing her lifestyle at the point and also doing same for other women. How then did he become bad all of a sudden?
Suleiman is not a doctor. If she was sick and needed Medicare, who she needed to see was a doctor and of course, she also needed to seek divine help. Her ex lover’s inability to help shouldn’t be a problem because he had the right to not help. His money is not her money so, If he didn’t give, she should cry and forget about it. Coming out to release details of whatever they had together because he didn’t help her as she expected is very low.
These ladies who monetized their relationship with people should learn how to move on when their services are no longer needed. There will always be a sweeter woman out there…the world will never lack available and willing women to service the sexual needs of rich and generous men. So, when it is your turn, collect as much as you can because, your tenure will expire and another will take over. When this happens ,you become irrelevant in the life of your lover and he stops bankrolling you. To avoid the bad fall that comes with it, invest in something that will keep you standing when your tenure expires.
You don’t talk love when rolling with a street boy. She is hurting because she believed her reign would have no end. Odeberela now and she’s talking plenty.
I am glad she is recovering just fine. I pray she comes out completely healed. There are jobs she could take to earn a decent living. The sad thing is, she won’t be willing to do them because it won’t be able to service the lifestyle she wants to live. How else can we let these ladies to know that being a sugar baby who offers only s*x in exchange for money is not a sustainable business?
You’d either fall ill while in service ,run short of sweetness to give, get old and weary or become too stale for your lover to desire.
I no dey like blackmail of any sort.
Halima Abubakar should getat . Apostle will pay when the time comes but she shouldn’t drag him for deciding to move on without her. Life na turn by turn.
Obiamaka Achalu Onah

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