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1. Obaseki closed down the College of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi since 2018 and disengaged all members of staff of the institution.
2. Obaseki shut down and demolished the Center for Community Development Education Benin City which was affiliated to the University of Benin for diploma programs.
3. Obaseki closed down College of Education, Ekiadalor (Tayo Akpata University of Education) since 2018. And staffs are owed over 11 months salaries.
4. Obaseki closed down the Edo State School of Nursing, Benin City in 2018.
5. Obaseki closed down College of Education Igueben.
6. Obaseki closed down Michael Imodu College of Physical Education, Afuze.
7. Obaseki closed down College of Agricultural Technology, Agenebode.
8. Obaseki has refused to employ a single teacher in the past four years of his administration despite the huge deficit of secondary school classroom teachers in Edo State.
9. 200,000 jobs- Audio.
10. Gele-gele seaport- Audio.
11. Alaghodaro Summit- Audio.
12. N100 million naira compensation promised to market women and victims of Ekiosa market fire incident- Audio.
13. Azura power plant- Audio
14. Modular Refinery- Audio
15. Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Chinese, UAE other countries and private companies with Edo State government- Audio.
16. N2.2 billion naira Sobe farms in Owan West LG- Audio.
17. Social affordable housing scheme for Edo workers and other residents in the State- Audio.
18. N200 billion naira industrial park in Iyanomo community Benin city- Audio.
19. Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Anchor Tenant, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing etc- Audio.
20. Obaseki has reached an agreement to hand over power to his deputy, Phillip Shaibu in 2024 if he wins re-election yet deceive Edo central of Esan governorship in 2024- Audio.
21. N2.2 billion naira Sobe farm in Owan West LG yet Edo residents were thrown into famine barely two weeks of Covid-19 lockdown without a single food from the so-called N2.2b “Sobe farm”.
22. 1 billion naira for the fight of Covid-19 in just about two months of the pandemic.
23. $2 million (eight hundred million naira) Edo money laundered to Italy through his crony and former commissioner for arts, culture and tourism, Mr. Osaze Osemwingie-Ero.
24. 5 billion naira CBN loan for Edo farmers to engender food security.
i. 2.2 billion for crop production.
ii. 2.3 billion for land development (just to cut grasses).
iii. 100 million naira for irrigation.
25. Obaseki has received over 500 billion naira in the last four years from the Federal Allocation Account (FAAC), Internally Generated Revenues (IGR) etc.
26. 6.09 billion naira Paris Club Refunds/federal govt bailout funds.
27. 12.18 billion naira Paris Club Refunds/federal govt bailout funds.
28. Counterpart funds from the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC).
29. Conditional Grants Scheme of Sustainable Development Goals (CGS-SDG).
30. Education Trust Fund.
31. SEEFOR (Concessionary loans from World Bank and European Development Fund Grants).
32. 18 LGs funds usually annexed monthly by the Edo State government under Godwin Obaseki.
33. In just one week Obaseki spent over 10 billion naira of Edo money to purchase the PDP governorship ticket.
34. Debt profile under Godwin Obaseki has risen to over $277.74 million dollars (over 100 billion naira).
35. Obaseki spent 1.5 million naira to train a single primary school teacher on how to use the computer. He used his cronies from Lagos pretending as consultants to siphon Edo money.
36. In 2016, Godwin Obaseki increased his security vote from 500 million to 750 million naira per month.
He has pocketed 24 billion naira of Edo money in the past 32 months as governor in the name of security votes. Insecurity is however on the increase in Edo State because Obaseki gives a paltry 5 million naira monthly to Edo State police command to combat crime.
37. Obaseki has thrown open the treasury and resources of the Edo State government to the PDP “tax collectors” within and outside the state at the detriment of the Edo people.
38. Obaseki’s administration has elevated thuggery, violence, politically motivated assassination attempts on the lives of political opponents, bomb explosions etc.
39. Killer herdsmen on the rampage unchecked.
40. Kidnapping on the increase under his watch.
41. Cult related killings on the rise without any solutions from the Obaseki government.
42. Despite the 750 million naira monthly security votes, Edo State Police Command remains poorly motivated, short of good vehicles and other necessary equipment to assist them in making their job of securing Edo easier.
43. Obaseki has littered Edo State with substandard and poor quality road projects which are usually washed away after a few months of construction.
44. Obaseki has NOT built a single hospital or renovate old ones. Government general hospitals across the state are in comatose state yet he refused to put to good use the ultra modern five star Central Hospital built by his predecessor.
45. Flooding has taken over Benin City because Obaseki refused to continue the Benin City water storm project initiated by his predecessor.
46. Godwin Obaseki has killed night life in Benin City by putting off the street lights. He has put the once bright and beautiful city in total darkness.
47. Eghosa Grammar School- No certificate.
48. A’ Level result- 3 Credits without Mathematics (NOT eligible to gain tertiary admission to any Nigerian university).
49. U.I degree certificate- 2 contrasting certificates with two different graduation year and discrepancies in the signatures/signatories.
50. NYSC certifate- Discrepancy in the name (Corper Obasek).
A man who allowed himself to be used as a pawn in a political power play that cost Edo State the position of the national chairmanship of a national ruling party is an enemy of Edo.
“May his days be few; may another take his office”. Psalm 109:8..
We pray for better Edo.

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