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Swordgram Photos – 20 Surprising Facts About Eddie Murphy’s Stunning Partner, Paige Butcher – www.nigerian.dates

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We can’t get over the fact that she and Eddie Murphy are so close to tying the knot.


There are no two ways about it…Paige Butcher is seriously stunning, and we can’t get over the fact that she and Eddie Murphy are so close to tying the knot. It’s no coincidence that the two of them have ended up together. Eddie Murphy’s young spirit and Paige Butcher’s old soul have combined to create a beautiful partnership. The two of them have definitely balanced each other out.

We have a feeling that Paige is really something special, no matter who she’s with. She’s shown great talent in motherhood and in the modeling industry, Paige Butcher’s future seems very bright but what else is known about this gorgeous creature? We decided to look a little more closely at Paige Butcher (no complaints there) to try to find out!

20 She’s Not The Only Famous One In Her Family

Now, we’re not talking about the family that she and Eddie Murphy have together, although she’s definitely not the only famous one in that world, either. According to Spock and Christine, Paige Butcher is the daughter of two famous folks, including a fashion designer! Yes, this totally explains her modeling career.

19 Eddie Has A Certain Kind Of Power Over Her

Not in a bad way, though. We want to be clear that the power that he has over her is totally innocent. Spock and Christine say that Eddie Murphy, “won’t tie the knot until Paige signs a prenup agreement,” because, “he has learned a lesson from his ex-wife Nicole. In their divorce, the comedian gave $15 million as a settlement.”

18 She Has Laser Focus

When she wants something, she goes for it. Like so many other motivated women, Paige Butcher will almost always get what she wants. Since she was a teenager, Paige has been working toward a career in the modeling world. While we’ll get into the actual way her career came to her later on, for now, just know that this woman has WORKED!

17 Although Her Career Did Divert For A Spell

It wasn’t just her modeling career that started to take off. Her acting career also got a little bit of love, even if that wasn’t her primary focus. Her IMDb lists her as being in a handful of movies, one of which actually has a funny connection to Eddie Murphy, her almost-husband. We know you’re curious, so we’ll get into that story a little later on.

16 And Her Relationship Almost Has More Notoriety

Don’t get us wrong, though…her acting career (although she was in a few big movies) never really took off. Her relationship with Eddie Murphy has received a little more press, especially now that they have a couple of kids together. We personally don’t think that’s a bad thing; she seems to love motherhood, almost as much as modeling!

15  She Won Her First Modeling Contract

Okay, just listen to this. Paige Butcher actually won her first big modeling contract. MSN tells us that she ended up joining in a competition for a new cover girl of a certain brand, and she ended up winning! This is also how she ended up getting officially signed to a big modeling agency.

14 She Has A Big Heart

The trope of the ‘mean model’ is one that should have disappeared a long time ago. Not only are many models actually very nice, but they tend to do a lot of outreach and positivity work. Take Paige Butcher, for example – MSN tells us that she’s done a ton of charity work in her time and continues to do so!

13 Especially With Kids

Be it her kids or other people’s kids, Paige seems to have a soft spot for the little ones. We searched hard to find some kind of negative thing about her parenting skills, but honestly, we couldn’t come up with anything. It seems like she really is just an all-around good mom with a very famous baby daddy.

12  She’s Average In This One Way

“Pfft,” you think, scrolling past this point. “How could Paige Butcher be average in any way?” Well, friends, it all comes down to height. Paige is average when it comes to her height, as IMDb tells us that she is 5’5” in stature. This, in turn, makes us wonder how tall Eddie Murphy is, as they seem pretty comparable.

11  She Was Cut Loose Young

We mean that she left home when she was just a teenager! Spock and Christine tell us that, “she was so passionate about her work that she only visited her family once a year.” With great modeling comes great responsibilities, as well as sacrifices. One of those is traveling and being on your own from a young age.

10 She Holds A Coveted Position

That is, she’s Eddie Murphy’s official fiancée. Not only that, but she’s also mother to his tenth child. DailyMail tells us that she’s pretty pleased about both of these facts, and is settling into the luxe Hollywood lifestyle quite nicely. They are, however, still looking into that prenuptial agreement, which is why ‘wife’ isn’t on her resume yet.

9 They Met On Set

So, how did one of the funniest men in the world meet up with this stunning model-turned-actress? The same way most of them do, on the set. MSN tells us that they were on set together when the attraction became obvious. Cue many years of being together, procreating and preparing for the future, including a wedding.

8 Her Hobbies Are Not What We’d Expect

And like, not in a small way, either. MSN quotes her as saying, “I’ve laid electrical, I’ve made brick paving paths and walls, laid drywall, hung doors… I really enjoy it.” Now, those are not exactly the hobbies that we’d expect a former swimwear model to have, but hey… the world is full of surprises.

7 Neither Is Her Exercise Routine

With a post-baby bod like Butcher’s, one might expect a huge amount of working out and sweating in the gym, right? Funnily enough, that’s not the case. MSN quotes, “what she does instead is incidental exercise, such as lunges while she’s ‘waiting for the kettle to boil’”. Now that we can get behind.

6 She Fits Right Into The Family

One of the big things we want to reiterate is the fact that she really does get along great with Eddie Murphy’s family. Honestly, we doubt they would have had two kids together if she didn’t. She really does fit right in, and the number of photos we’ve seen of her hanging out with Murphy’s other kids supports that.

5 Her IMDb Is Pretty Empty

We touched on this before, but we really need to reiterate. It’s surprising that a woman as famous as Paige Butcher has such a sparse IMDb profile. Not only does she have just a mere handful of credits…she doesn’t seem to be involved with any upcoming projects. Does this mean she’s sticking to modeling for now? Maybe.

4 She Might Be On A Netflix Special

Okay, let’s clarify. Apparently, at one point in time, according to MSN, there was talk of Eddie Murphy doing a special Netflix reality show, which would follow him (and by extension, Paige) around during the usual reality TV activities, such as shopping, working, and eating. While we’re pretty sure this will never take off, it would be a great way to learn more about he and Paige.

3 Kids Came Before Marriage

It’s no secret or surprise, but Paige Butcher is definitely the mother to two of Eddie Murphy’s kids. There’s just no two ways about it…they did the whole thing backwards by starting their family while still in the engagement phase (you know, if we’re basing it on traditional values). Are they happy, though? It seems like it. And the kids are super cute!

2 And Marriage Is Still A Question

You know, because of the whole ‘prenup’ thing! Now, we know what you’re thinking…if they already have two kids together, why is Eddie Murphy so concerned with making her sign a piece of paper? As we said earlier, the man has been caught short before. We understand him wanting to protect himself.

1 She’s Really, Really Private

One of the biggest things we learned from researching her is that she keeps to herself. Spock and Christine told us that she actually deleted all of her social media when she started dating Murphy, in order to retain a certain level of privacy. If that’s not a commitment to Eddie and their relationship, we don’t know what is.

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